How to care for a crested eyelash gecko?

Crested eyelash gecko also knows as crested gecko is one of the most easy-going, docile lizard, crested gecko colors that also come in a wider range of skin patterns. Crested gecko growth in full size when they being around 18 months old. Under proper care, crested gecko lifespan can reach to 15-20 years.

Due to these features, they are the ideal reptile pets for beginners. This article is some crested gecko essentials requirements to help them live a long, happy life.

#1 Set up crested gecko cage

Adult crested geckos require a cage tall at least 20 gallons, but larger is always better. They need lots of space to climbing, so make sure that the crested gecko cage that you have is a vertical terrarium. 2-3 crested geckos will require a cage tall 29 gallons.

#2 Crested gecko substrate

The ideal crested gecko substrate should maintain moisture. A mixture of coconut fiber, peat and soil will work great as bedding. But if you are keeping baby crested geckos, you are recommended to use a paper towel substrate. In the case that your geckos eat substrate, you can use moss.

#3 Crested gecko accessories

Your crested gecko would like to have some plants to climb on and the place for them to hide under. You can provide them fake plants, which do not require soil and lighting.

They prefer to spend most of their time in the cage, so some crested gecko accessories will make it an interesting habitat. The pieces of driftwood or bark will also good accessories for them to play, climb and hide.

#4 Keep the terrarium humid

Crested gecko humidity in the cage always should be maintained by about 60% -80%. Placing the best reptile fogger next to the cage or using a spray bottle to mist the cage once or twice per day to maintain the humidity. Misting at night to provide humidity when your crested geckos are most active

#5 Lighting for Crested Geckos

Crested geckos are nocturnal so they are do not need much amount of UVB light. However, UVB light also brings some health benefits for crested geckos. Therefore, crested gecko lighting still should contain low levels of UVB and a night time bulb to providing some heat to them at night.

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