How much does it take to build a cheap chicken coop?

As soon as you are keeping a flock, you will need to concern about some matters: how to feed them, what is the best food, how to shelter them, etc. And one of the most important factors should be the chicken coop.

Especially when you are limit on budget and plant to have a cheap chicken coop, the matter will be more difficult but it is not impossible if you read the article below.

Build your own

Not everyone can hire a builder or buying a chicken coop in store, this is also much more expensive than building your own. And if you do not have the self-confidence to make it, you can order a kit, which is ready to assemble. This absolutely saves your money. But nothing better than the best chicken coop plan guide.

Size and your chicken’s space requirement

It probably is obvious that the bigger coop will take more money for material than the smaller ones. The size of the coop depends on how many chickens did you have, how big they are, how many rooms you have.

Although the small coop will take less cost, it is necessary to notice on space requirement of chickens. Each chicken should have at least 4 square feet if they are had a space outside to free-range. But if they are confined they will need at least 10 square feet per chicken. Chickens that live in cramped conditions will be formed anti-social behavior.


The best way to save money and build a cheap chicken coop is to repurpose some previous materials. You can build a chicken coop out of reclaimed wood pallets, this material is very low cost. While hardware cloth made of galvanized steel is durable and more secure, but you can also use chicken wire to cover the enclosure, it will much cheaper.


To saving the cost of build chicken coop, you should add only essential furniture such as feeder and source of water. The other things like plants, décor, lighting, human seating, etc need to be summarised, these things will make you more cost to do.