What Is the Best hedgehog cage bedding?

Once you get the best hedgehog cage, you only go a half way to for the perfect hedgehog enclosure habitat. Your tiny pets need more than just food and shelter. The best bedding material is also and important item that will determine the comfort and quality of hedgehog’s life.

Bedding is what you place at the bottom of the cage, where your hedgehog’s feet and body will tough every time. The bedding material even can affect your pet’s health so that you are not allow to go wrong with it.

#1 Paper-based bedding

Paper bedding is one of the top options to use since it brings many benefits.   Most of paper bedding product on the market will work well and is perfectly safe for your hedgehogs.

This bedding is made of natural ingredients provide a soft texture. Paper bedding is very absorbent hence reduces odor. It is better to get the bedding that advertises itself as being soft and 99% dust free.

However, the draw back is paper is not last for long once it gets wet. It require more frequently cleaning for about 2 – 3 days.

#2 Fleece

Almost any type of fabric-based bedding will make for best kind of hedgehog bedding when it comes to set up hedgehog cage. The most impressive feature of fleece bedding is that you can wash and recycle it for next time use. The fleece also creates the soft and comfortable bottom. So you do not need to worry about injuries. This bedding good at absorbent and not messy like wood or paper.

The disadvantage is that some fleece may have loose threads, where the hedgehog toes may get stuck and make them pain. Fleece also does not allow hedgehogs to burrow under it.

#3 Wood type bedding

Wood bedding will allow hedgehogs do some natural behaviours like burrow and dig under. Wood shavings also make them feel cozy and warm. The most impressive feature of this bedding is that wood bedding is great absorbents, due to that it is also remove odor very well.

However, you will need to replace it often. Wood shaving can cause a mess. Some type of wood bedding like cedar is toxic and never should be used for hedgehog. It also contain dust and may cause respiratory problems.

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