How to care for a crested eyelash gecko?

Crested eyelash gecko also knows as crested gecko is one of the most easy-going, docile lizard, crested gecko colors that also come in a wider range of skin patterns. Crested gecko growth in full size when they being around 18 months old. Under proper care, crested gecko lifespan can reach to 15-20 years.

Due to these features, they are the ideal reptile pets for beginners. This article is some crested gecko essentials requirements to help them live a long, happy life.

#1 Set up crested gecko cage

Adult crested geckos require a cage tall at least 20 gallons, but larger is always better. They need lots of space to climbing, so make sure that the crested gecko cage that you have is a vertical terrarium. 2-3 crested geckos will require a cage tall 29 gallons.

#2 Crested gecko substrate

The ideal crested gecko substrate should maintain moisture. A mixture of coconut fiber, peat and soil will work great as bedding. But if you are keeping baby crested geckos, you are recommended to use a paper towel substrate. In the case that your geckos eat substrate, you can use moss.

#3 Crested gecko accessories

Your crested gecko would like to have some plants to climb on and the place for them to hide under. You can provide them fake plants, which do not require soil and lighting.

They prefer to spend most of their time in the cage, so some crested gecko accessories will make it an interesting habitat. The pieces of driftwood or bark will also good accessories for them to play, climb and hide.

#4 Keep the terrarium humid

Crested gecko humidity in the cage always should be maintained by about 60% -80%. Placing the best reptile fogger next to the cage or using a spray bottle to mist the cage once or twice per day to maintain the humidity. Misting at night to provide humidity when your crested geckos are most active

#5 Lighting for Crested Geckos

Crested geckos are nocturnal so they are do not need much amount of UVB light. However, UVB light also brings some health benefits for crested geckos. Therefore, crested gecko lighting still should contain low levels of UVB and a night time bulb to providing some heat to them at night.

What you should/should not feed your crested gecko?

Crested geckos are considered as a good pet for a beginner since they cost less and easy to care for, they also extremely handleable and have their own individual personality.

But even though these animals are easy-going, before bringing them home, you still do your research to ensure that your new pet will have an easy and healthy transition period. And this is always true even with crested gecko food.

What do crested geckos eat?

You should know that crested geckos are omnivores, which meant they can eat both plants and animal-based foods. In the natural environment of New Caledonia, crested geckos prefer to eat a wide variety of fruits and insects.

But in captivity, crested geckos feeding seems to be very easy with some commercial diet. This is the powder food that you can mix with water to create a paste and feed them. This diet also provides complete nutrition to your crested geckos.

In order to ensure enrichment and a balanced diet, most owners still provide plants-based foods and insects for them as a treat.

A little tip is that if you provide an environment with the ideal temperature and humidity from the best reptile fogger, they will be more palatable.

What food crested geckos should avoid?


There is a misconception that baby food is good for crested geckos. However, it is not all the case, baby foods are usually made from pureed fruit. These foods contain a higher level of sugar than the other normal crested gecko foods.


Some kinds of citrus fruits such as orange, lemon, and jackfruit can prevent crested gecko body absorptive the calcium from the diet. So they are not advisable as crested gecko food.


We all know that insects will stimulate hunting instinct of crested gecko. But there is a rule that never feeding them any insects that larger than the gap between their eyes.

Us seed banks

If you want a very high yield of cannabis with high tetrahydrocannabinol content, you need to find quality seeds. Using cannabis has become one of the best moves. If you grow your own cannabis plant, then you will control everything. To find quality hemp seeds, you need a good US seed bank.

The first step in the marijuana planting adventure is to find the marijuana seeds to be planted and the marijuana equipment to be used to grow weeds. Well, cannabis equipment is not a problem because you can always find some. The vital part is finding the best cannabis seeds. If you want to make cannabis a little sneaky, it’s best to start searching online. Well, if you do this, you may find a lot of cannabis seed banks to choose from, and of course, many cannabis strains to study.Here are tips on how to find the best US seed bank to buy cannabis seeds:

#1 Consider the look of your website

It’s easy to find US seed banks. All you need to do is enter “hemp seed bank,” “buy hemp seeds,” or any other key phrase related to the online cannabis seed store, and Google will find it for you. After presenting the results to you, visit each site, and see what each site looks like. Professional? Is it organized? Does the company spend a lot of money on the design of the seed bank and the entire system? These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself. Although it may not seem like much information about the quality of things, this is the first thing you should check. The idea you might want to keep in mind is that a legitimate seed bank should have a professional website. The site should be easy to use and have good customer service. List your candidates.

#2 Read seed bank reviews

This is the second step in finding the best US seed bank. After categorizing your website by its appearance, you can now read reviews created by cannabis review companies or honest reviews from its previous customers. Remember to focus on the list you just created. Focusing on the list can help you save time.

#3 Read the Seed Bank FAQ

The FAQ or “Frequently Asked Questions” page contains some useful information you can use. You can also contact them directly to check if their customer support representative is really willing to help. If the customer support representative does not respond, leave the seed bank.

#4 Compare with other seed banks

Always compare prices, feedback, and everything about the seed bank in the list until you find the best seed bank.

The tips you read above are just some ways to find the best seed bank. There is still much to do. Initially, buying cannabis seeds can be difficult, but over time this will be a piece of cake for you. Finding the best seed bank is just a problem.

Therefore, you should ensure that you only buy seeds from US seed bank, or you may end up wasting your hard-earned money on fake products. On the other hand, seed bank also retains a pseudonym and sells copies of seeds at a higher price.

How much does it take to build a cheap chicken coop?

As soon as you are keeping a flock, you will need to concern about some matters: how to feed them, what is the best food, how to shelter them, etc. And one of the most important factors should be the chicken coop.

Especially when you are limit on budget and plant to have a cheap chicken coop, the matter will be more difficult but it is not impossible if you read the article below.

Build your own

Not everyone can hire a builder or buying a chicken coop in store, this is also much more expensive than building your own. And if you do not have the self-confidence to make it, you can order a kit, which is ready to assemble. This absolutely saves your money. But nothing better than the best chicken coop plan guide.

Size and your chicken’s space requirement

It probably is obvious that the bigger coop will take more money for material than the smaller ones. The size of the coop depends on how many chickens did you have, how big they are, how many rooms you have.

Although the small coop will take less cost, it is necessary to notice on space requirement of chickens. Each chicken should have at least 4 square feet if they are had a space outside to free-range. But if they are confined they will need at least 10 square feet per chicken. Chickens that live in cramped conditions will be formed anti-social behavior.


The best way to save money and build a cheap chicken coop is to repurpose some previous materials. You can build a chicken coop out of reclaimed wood pallets, this material is very low cost. While hardware cloth made of galvanized steel is durable and more secure, but you can also use chicken wire to cover the enclosure, it will much cheaper.


To saving the cost of build chicken coop, you should add only essential furniture such as feeder and source of water. The other things like plants, décor, lighting, human seating, etc need to be summarised, these things will make you more cost to do.