Sunday, June 26, 2016


I used to consider myself a blogger. I was so good at blogging! I was consistent with my posts, I had great outfits to share, and most importantly, I felt like I had something to say. I love writing. I always have. The reason I started my blog was because I enjoy writing and telling stories. Then it merged with Fashion, because that is another passion of mine.

But if you couldn't tell, the past year or two, I've really struggled with blogging. I'm not consistent, I'm not posting the best quality photos/content, and when I do post, I hardly write a thing! Honestly, I think it's because I don't feel like I have anything to say anymore. There are so many blogs these days and I feel like I have to constantly compete with what everyone else is doing and saying. I feel like I don't have anything important to say, because you've heard it all from everyone else. This is hard for me. Because I want to do this. I love to share my outfits, I love to post photos of Evelyn, and I love to write. (But I don't really love writing about my outfits. Rather, I enjoy sharing about life experiences and random thoughts that come to me.) These 3 things don't go together super well, and then I end up with a hodgepodge of a blog. A blog that is, in fact, called FASHION Flirtation. (So does it need to be fashion only?)

Am I even making sense here? Haha

I guess what I'm saying is... I need you guys! My blog is having a midlife crisis (okay, maybe quarter life?) and I need your help. I am not feeling confident or happy with this little space I'm taking up on the internet, and I want that to change ASAP. I would truly love it if you would tell me what content you want from this blog of mine!

Do you strictly like fashion posts? Would you be interested in Work Wear posts or Budget Friendly outfits? Do you prefer posts abut Evelyn and her fashion? Or general lifestyle posts? Do you guys like it when I write? What do you want to see/hear?!


(Oh and here's a picture of me and Evelyn, just because.)


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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

4th of July Inspiration

1. Vince Camuto Chambray Dress (on sale!!) // 2. Tory Burch Sandals // 3. ILY Couture Star Shirt // 4. Converse // 5. Boyfriend Shorts // 6. Old Navy Star Dress // 7. Lunaby Baby Rompers (obsessed -- already bought 2 of them!) // 8. Sticky Bliss America Bows (favorite bows!) // 9. Old Navy Striped Espadrilles // 10. GAP Americana Swimsuit

Happy Wednesday, everyone! One of my favorite holidays is coming up, so I thought I would share some outfit inspiration for you and baby. Also, how cute are these baby rompers from Lunaby?? I am seriously obsessed and just bought a couple of them for Evelyn. I can't wait for her to wear them! And if you are looking for cute bows for your baby, some of our very favorites are from Sticky Bliss!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and have a great day!

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Monday, June 6, 2016

Neon Lace

Top: H&M // Skirt: Boutique find // Wedges: BP via Nordstrom [Favorite, Under $40!] // Bag: Kate Spade 

Happy Monday, everyone! This past week was pretty eventful and uneventful at the same time. I have been sick since Wednesday, so I decided to take E to my sister's house so I could get some rest on Thursday. Well, on the way there I got in a little accident. Luckily we were both okay, but the car wasn't, and it was definitely very scary. And expensive, haha! Anyway, after getting back home, I had pretty much every awful symptom you could think of. I pretty much laid in bed for 2 days straight while sweet H took care of me and the baby. The good news is I am finally feeling better, and the car is finally fixed! We were still able to make it to church yesterday, and while I wasn't feeling 100%, it was nice to get out of the house and put on makeup for the first time in 4 days!

I absolutely love this neon lace skirt! It is so fun and bright and perfect for summer. Oh, and speaking of summer... It was 117 this weekend here in AZ. Are you kidding me? It was rough. My favorite thing to do during these AZ summers is stay inside! My poor light skin just gets sunburned so easily, and so does E's! Haha I am so ready for fall to be here already.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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