Thursday, September 6, 2012

just loving my heatherson

okay guys...i'm finally posting again! sorry that it's been so long!! here are some of the things that have been going on in my life recently!

heath&i took our engagement pictures at the end of august up in utah, and it was amazing. the weather was perfect, our outfits were perfect, the locations were perfect, and my fiance is perfect! :) here is another sneak peek of the pictures! it was so fun to think that we only have a little over 2 months before we get to be married to each other for forever.


we also shot a love story video, courtesy of lilly mcdowell of picket fence films, right next to the salt lake temple. it was such a beautiful location and such a fun idea! i can't wait to get our video back. it's seriously going to be the cutest. also in utah, we were able to spend some time with grant and danielle... [though for some reason, the past two times we've visited g&d, we haven't taken any pictures together! okay. next time i swear we are going to take pictures. though, i'm pretty sure the next time we will be together is for the wedding. so i'm sure we'll get lots of pictures then. haha.]


a few of my favorite heath moments from this past week:

1. i saw the cutest diy chevron rug on pinterest, and decided to make it. heath took me to the store to buy a rug, helped me tape off the rug, paint the rug, take me back to the store to get more paint, and then paint some more, even though i know he didnt want to. he is so patient with me and is always there for me, and i honestly dont know what i would do without him!

2. we were driving around, and i was singing at the top of my lungs [as usual] and heath kisses my hand and says "i seriously can not wait to marry you." okay. for real? melt my heart, why dont you! but seriously. he is the sweetest. ever. i'm obsessed.

3. i may or may not have bought a few pairs of shoes online, and when i told heath about it, you know what he said to me?? "babe, you deserve it!" can he get any more perfect? though i'm sure that when we're married and have to pay bills and be grownups, he won't be as nice about it. hahaha.

4. so i'm getting into my car at the end of the night to go home, and heath leans in and starts kissing me and guess what? he accidentally honks the horn. at 11 oclock at night. in front of his parents house. oh my awk. but anyway. it was funny. and cute. but only because his mom didnt come out of the house...

5. you know that song "wanted" by hunter hayes? well anyway, i made that song my ringtone, and last night when heath heard it, he turns to me and says "i think i want that to be our wedding song." okay. there he goes again... melting my heart. i had told him a while ago that i wanted him to choose the first dance song, because i think its way cuter, but he hadnt really taken any initiative towards picking out a song. until last night. ohhhh presh.

ohhh&just a few more heath pictures for you to look at. isnt he just so cute? seriously. im kind of obsessed with him. and i'm just so grateful for him in my life! 



and i'm sorry that this whole post has been about heatherson so far, but for real guys. i love him a lot. [and if you were wondering, there are only 2 months and 10 days and 18 hours and 38 minutes and 48 seconds left until the wedding... not that im counting down or anything.

well something that's not completely about heath... 

i saw this quote and absolutely LOVED it. it is something that heath and i have to remind ourselves of all the time. that no one is perfect. and everyone makes mistakes. but that anyone and anytime can repent of those mistakes. and once you have repented, that you dont need to dwell on it anymore. that you can continue to grow and better yourself every single day.

anyway. that's all for now. 


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