Monday, June 4, 2012


okay, so as I'm sure you've all heard by now, I AM ENGAGED!! :) to heath farnsworth, the most wonderful, handsome, amazing man in america!! our story is kind of interesting, so if you'd like to hear it, read on!! :)
a little over a year ago, i was going to school up in logan, utah at utah state university... when i finally came back home, i was in the nauvoo station singles ward, but all of my friends were in valencia...and there were cuter boys there too, so i decided i would go to valencia with my friends. it was the beginning of april, at a break the fast when i first saw heath. i think i fell in love right then. he was the cutest boy i had ever seen. he was standing with another boy and a girl. i turned to my friends and asked who that hottie was, and they all replied, almost simultaneously, "ohhhhh that's grant farnsworth." then chelsea said, "everyone likes him, but he has a girlfriend." except, i had been talking about the other boy. the tall one, without the girlfriend. they were all shocked, but told me that the other boy was grant's twin brother heath, and that he was so shy and that he never asked girls out on dates. i think that made me like him even more! they introduced me to him, but he clearly was not interested. i, on the other hand, could not stop thinking about him. i'm not quite sure what it was about him, but i couldn't get him out of my head. so for the next week or so, i plotted with my friends on ways to talk to him again. they told me that he probably wouldn't ask me out on a date because he was so shy... so i took matters into my own hands. after creepily adding him as a friend on facebook, i planned a date with some of my friends, and planned to ask him out. for fhe the next week, we went to the easter pageant, and afterwords i went up to him and asked him on a date. he said yes! i was pretty much ecstatic. so the next week, (april 25th, 2011 to be exact) we went on a date to the drive in movies. it was a lot of fun! he was really quiet and shy, which i wasn't used to, because i'm completely opposite of that! but i was so intrigued by him. i remember him telling me that he had never kissed a girl before, and i about died. seriously, everything this boy did and said made me like him more and more!
after that first date, i still had him in my head, but he didn't seem to care much. he was nice to me when he saw me, but never asked me out again. the only times we would talk were when i initiated it. (ugh!) then september rolled around, and my two best friends were getting married... i knew that heath would be at chelsea's reception and so i finally had another excuse to ask him out! i asked him to be my date to the wedding, and he said yes again. it was fun, but he still didn't give me much. i could tell that he wasnt really that interested, and really bothered me. it drove me crazy and made me want him even more! (this is a picture from our first date! so cute and young! haha)
when november came, we started talking a little bit more than usual, which was great, and we even hung out a couple of times. but still no dates. finally, heath invited me to go shooting with him and some friends, so on december 3, we went shooting!! let me just tell you... that was one of the best days of my life. he was so good at shooting, and that was hot! we talked a lot and just had fun, and then when we got back to his house, he introduced me to his parents! i thought that was a huge deal, but later i found out that apparently he introduced lots of girls to his parents! psshh. haha we ended up decorating his christmas tree together, and then later going out on a double date with his brother grant, and his fiance danielle. after dinner and shopping, we came back to his house to watch elf, and he put his arm around me and we cuddled for the first time! it was the best day! :)
i don't know if i could really pick out a specific day or moment that i fell in love with heath, but looking back on everything, i think it was that day. spending the whole day with him was the best feeling and even then, i knew that i wanted to spend every day with him.
we went out a bunch the next couple of weeks, but then about a week before christmas, he broke things off, saying that he needed to date other people.

on january 3rd, after fhe, he invited me over to his house and we watched a movie. we didn't really talk about the break up. i wasn't really sure if we were getting back together. i didn't know what he was thinking or feeling, but he kissed me for the first time that night, so i figured that he wanted to date me. except he kept breaking up with me! we would date for about two weeks and then he would tell me he needed a break! but then after a week or two, we would get back together! it was the weirdest thing, and it was the worst thing! how could someone that made me so happy, make me so miserable at the same time? all of my friends told me that i was crazy and that i just needed to be done with him. and i tried. i tried to be done with him. so many times! but there was always something that kept me hanging on! i could never stay away from him, and i could never stop thinking about him! i'm sure he thought i was a crazy stalker, but hey, i knew what i wanted and i wasnt giving up!! 

the dating and breaking up thing lasted for about 4 months. (i know, pathetic, right? haha) and finally we ended things for good on march 26th. that week was literally the worst week of my life. i was so upset and miserable, and the only person i wanted to talk to was heath. he had become my best friend, so it was like i had lost my boyfriend and my best friend at the same time. i hated it. but i acted like i didnt care. i didnt go to church cleaning to see him. i left fhe early with another boy. when he would text, i wouldnt reply. i wanted him to want me! and it worked. on wednesday, april 4th, heath texted me, begging me to talk to him. i wanted to see him that night, but i held out strong and told  him i could see him on saturday. i was so nervous, because i wasnt sure what he was going to say. i knew what i wanted him to say... i wanted him to want me back! but i didnt want to get my hopes up...
finally, saturday came around and i went over to his house. and lo and behold... he told me that he wanted me back! that he realized that he couldnt live without me and that he had been so stupid! it was pretty much the best day of my life!! i wanted to scream at the top of my lungs and do a happy dance, buuuuttt instead i told him that i needed to think about it. hahaha. i so did not need to think about it. but i wanted him to sweat for a few days.
except, the next day (easter sunday) i saw him and couldnt resist. i told him i wanted to be with him too. :)

2 days later, we were sitting on the couch together and he told me that he wanted to be with me forever. that he couldnt picture his future without me in it, and asked my ring size! the next day he told me that he loved me! hahaha that boy... he's got it a little backwards, but it's okay. :) we have been dating since then, and i have been so happy!

on saturday, june 2nd, heath took me to the temple (where he first really remembers meeting me.) i knew the proposal was coming, but it didnt make it any less exciting! we walked around for a bit and he told me that i've made him happier than he's ever been in his life. he told me that i was the perfect girl for him, and that he couldn't picture a life without me by his side! and then he told me lots of other mushy, romantic things which i wont force you all to hear! then he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife, and OF COURSE i said yes! it was the happiest moment of my life, and i will never forget it!
heath is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me! he makes me a better person, and i couldn't ask for a more perfect person to spend eternity with. i love him so much and i am so excited for this chapter in our lives!! :)


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