Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Oversized Sweater // The Pregnancy Issue

Okay, Shoe Dazzle has been killing it for me lately in the shoe department! They have some of the cutest shoes and they are also so affordable. These fuchsia heels are my favorite... of the moment. ;]


In other news, H and I have been toying with the idea of me getting pregnant. [Too personal, say whaaaat?] I wrote THIS post a year and a half ago, where I talked about how every month I was convinced that I was pregnant! Lol, I'm sure you have all been there... But last month, I kid you not, I was POSITIVE that I was pregnant. We hadn't been trying, per say... But we weren't really not trying either, you catch my drift?  Anyway, after Googling everything about early signs of pregnancy, ovulation, the earliest possible time to detect pregnancy, etc, I bought a 3 pack box of pregnancy tests. Guys, I took the first one a few weeks ago, and after being bummed that it was negative, I chalked it up to just being a little too early to tell. So a couple of days later, I took another one-- this time in the morning, because Google told me that morning is the best time to detect HCG levels. It was negative again. Then my period came, but it was lighter and shorter than normal, so after more Googling, I decided it must be implantation bleeding. Anyway, a few days later, still convinced that I was pregnant, I took the 3rd test. Alas, it was also negative. [H was annoyed that I wasted $15 in pregnancy tests in one week, haha!] Anyway, so I downloaded this app that tracks your period, ovulation, tells you when you're most fertile, etc. Oh, and I've been reading everrrrything that I learn from Google to H; I'm sure he's thrilled about it. [Haha seriously, at least once a day, I'm like "Did you know this?" And he's like, "Oh... Cool, babe."]

I'm not even sure yet if we are for sure "ready" to start trying. I go back and forth on it all the time. One day I want a baby and I'm ready for it, and the next day I'm not. But honestly... Are you ever really "ready" for a baby? I feel like you can never really prepare yourself to be a parent and to have a baby. What do you experienced mamas think?? Were you "ready" or is that just a myth?? Haha! I'd love any and all advice that you guys have for ladies in my situation. 

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  1. Girl, you freaked me out! Please don't let me find out about your pregnancy via a blog or Facebook!

    First, I recommend the super-cheap pregnancy tests off of Amazon, Wondfo brand. They work really well and then you aren't out $15 for three tests. :)

    You're right that no one is ever "really ready". But you look at your relationship and see if the two of you feel good enough as a couple that you're both excited about adding a baby to your family. You look at your lives and see if you're ready to make the adjustments to a baby. You look at your finances and see how you will afford medical expenses and childcare (or moving to one income so one of you can stay home with the baby). And you talk a lot, and you pray a lot, and you think a lot, and talk a lot, and you have sex a lot.

    Also, sometimes you and your husband and God and Mother Nature aren't all on the same page, which can be incredibly frustrating. Patience is hard, but have patience. You're still only 22!

  2. Your shoes are amazing Victoria!
    I wish you very happy holidays!

  3. HAHA-- Pretty sure I have the same app as you and Jaran and I have been through this exact issue, I feel like You're not ready, until you KNOW you're not ready, then you're ready! hahaha

  4. I went through this exact situation 2 years ago. We actually had issues getting pregnant, but not we have a beautiful 3 month old baby. I wasted many expensive pregnancy test. A few of my friends also told me to buy the cheap ones on Amazon. I bought a large pack of them. However, when I finally was pregnant I knew something was off with my body. So the next morning I used a First Response that I had and on of the Amazon ones. First Response had a very light pink 2nd line and the Amazon one had nothing. Of course, I was not convinced so I took First Response test the next two mornings along with the Amazon. Each time the First Response was positive while the Amazon was negative. It took 5 days before the Amazon test began to even show a very light 2nd line. The key is to buy test that will respond to the lowest levels of HCG. I also used an app thinking it would show when I was most fertile, but found out later that it is not accurate for everyone. I recommend the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility.


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