Tuesday, October 28, 2014


^^Cliche Disneyland picture. ;] We took this photo right when we got in the park and no one was around. It's one of my favorite pictures!^^

^^Flashback to our Honeymoon! The photo on the left was taken on our honeymoon almost 2 years ago, and the one on the right was from the weekend. It's not the best picture, but it's so fun to see how much we've changed!^^

^^Riding one of my favorite rides, Splash Mountain. There was no line when we got there, so we were able to have the log to ourselves. Honestly, I think it made the ride a little more scary. Haha^^

^^Eating at my all time favorite restaurant! I would pay for Disneyland park tickets any day just to eat at this restaurant. We ate here on our honeymoon for pretty much every meal, and every time we are at Disneyland it is a MUST for me. That chocolate glitter cake? Heaven...^^

^^One of our favorite couples met up and spent the day with us in Knott's Berry Farm. I thought Knott's Berry Farm would be more for kids, but the rides were pretty scary! I've never been scared on a roller coaster before, but these ones freaked me out a bit, to be honest. Haha! Have any of you been there and ridden the rides?^^

^^Date night to another favorite restaurant that we found on our honeymoon in Balboa Island. We actually stumbled upon it by mistake, but it ended up being one of the best parts of our trip. H and I constantly talk about going back to California just for that restaurant, so of course we had to make a stop during this trip.^^

^^Another Honeymoon flashback. A lot has changed since our honeymoon, but I still love my H so much that it hurts.^^

^^ This was a car selfie that we took on our way to Hollywood. We rode one of those bus tours that showed us around all of the celebrity neighborhoods and hotspots, and it was pretty dang fun!^^

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