Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wednesday Wishlist: H&M

After a long spout of not shopping at H&M -- lack of luck there, and frustration with the disorganization of the store -- we have finally rekindled our love. I honestly think it has to do with their fall fashion, because every year during the spring/summer, I fall out of love with them, but each year their fall clothing totally kicks butt and I'm sucked back in. Lately everything I see from there, I want, and it really is hard to beat their prices. For this week's "Wednesday Wishlist" I wanted to share with you my current favorite items from their site, and show you what pieces/colors/trends are currently inspiring me.

H&M - Ruffled Silk Blouse - Light pink - Ladies • H&M • $49.95
H&M - Tuxedo Jacket - White - Ladies • H&M • $49.95
H&M - Shirt Dress - Light blue - Ladies • H&M • $34.95
H&M - Plaid Wool Scarf - Red - Ladies • H&M • $17.95
H&M - Jeans Super skinny fit - Light denim blue - Ladies • H&M • $24.95
H&M - Short Coat - Light beige - Ladies • H&M • $79.95
H&M - Imitation Leather Pants - Black - Ladies • H&M • $34.95
H&M - Ankle Boots - Brown - Ladies • H&M • $34.95
H&M - Patterned Cotton Shirt - Light blue - Ladies • H&M • $29.95
H&M - Silk Blouse - Light pink - Ladies • H&M • $59.95
H&M - Jersey Top - Gray melange - Ladies • H&M • $17.95
H&M - Wool Hat - Black - Ladies • H&M • $24.95

Thanks for reading!
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  1. H&M has the best basics and layering pieces!! Great picks!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  2. love the tops and wool hat. I tried a brown one at target and was not in love. Thanks for this option!

  3. I love that you're as obsessed with H&M as I am! I think it's equally great for basics, work wear and fun fashion-forward trends! I actually have several of these pieces in my shopping cart!


  4. I love the blue shirt!

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