Saturday, February 8, 2014


My life isn't perfect. As I'm sure you know, I am very flawed. A lot of times I read other blogs and wonder what their lives are really like. People [including myself] don't want to showcase the things that aren't "perfect." We take "selfies" at our most flattering angles, we edit all of our pictures to make us look the most attractive, and we only share the happiest and most exciting moments of our lives. If I'm being completely honest, sometimes I get so sick of it. I wish that people would share more personal pieces of their lives, even if they aren't perfect, because that is what I can relate to.

So I wanted to get real with you today, and tell you a few of my not so great qualities. Because I never want any of you to think that my life is perfect or that you can't relate to me.

I take way too many selfies. And it takes about 30 bad ones to get 1 good one.

I currently don't have a job. Neither does H. We moved up to Idaho with a little bit of money and a lot of faith. It has been a very stressful month for us, trying to find jobs, and not having any money come in. [I had a few interviews this week though, so cross your fingers!]

I am not always put together. I don't even wear clothes or makeup most of the time, unless we are running errands or taking pictures.

I watch an unbelievable [and kind of disgusting] amount of Netflix/Hulu. I have seen almost every TV show you can think of. Seriously-- ask me. I've seen it.

I don't have an unlimited budget. The only way I can buy new clothes so often is because I sell my old clothes. I cycle through clothes like crazy so I can keep up this blog.

I am not a bed maker. 97% of the time our bed is not made.

I am bossy. I'm also that person who backseat drives constantly. I can't help it. [Sorry, H!]

I have days when I don't feel cute, don't feel skinny, can't figure out what to wear, etc. I have a lot of them, actually. It's easy to get discouraged in the blogging world, because you are constantly comparing yourself to others.

I don't always have the best mouth, and occasionally let a swear word slip from time to time. I'm not proud of it.

I have clothes covering the floor of my closet [and room] all the time. I'm bad at hanging up my clothes after wearing them.

I can be a total drama queen.

I feel like I am surrounded by pregnant friends/family members and it really makes me want a baby. I probably beg H on a weekly basis to give me one of his babies, but it won't be happening for a long while.

I cry. On a daily basis. I cry when I'm happy, I cry when I'm mad, I cry when I'm sad, and I cry when I see other people crying. I'm a crybaby.

I don't do the dishes. That is H's job in our marriage.

I have a permanent line on my forehead from my many facial expressions, and I am very self conscious about it.

I sometimes wonder if I'm too young to be married and in love. Not that I would ever take any of it back, but being 21 years old and having already found my soul mate just seems crazy sometimes!

I love gossip. I don't like to talk bad about others, but I do like to speculate on their lives with my friends or with my husband. I am also not proud of that.

I fight with H sometimes. [Notice I didn't say that we fight. He is definitely the peacemaker in our relationship.] It doesn't happen often, but it does happen, trust me.

I am, however, completely obsessed with my husband. My heart feels like it's going to explode on a daily basis because of how much I love him. I don't know how he puts up with me and all of my craziness, but I sure am grateful that he does. I don't know how I would be able to get through my imperfect life without him.


Thank you all so much for reading today's post. I know it was different from my normal posts, but I think I'm ready to try something new with my blog. I will still be posting outfit pictures, but I have always had a passion for writing, and I want to write something meaningful every day-- not just something about my current outfit.

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  1. It takes a lot of courage to admit your flaws and be vulnerable with the outside world - you did a great job. Even though I know no one has a perfect life it is so easy to get caught up in that thinking. I read so many blogs each day and find myself daydreaming about becoming someone else and how their life seems so "together' - gorgeous hair, make up, clothes and lots of expensive shoes and accessories! I wouldn't trade my life for anything but I think as women who love fashion it is easy to fantasize. Thank you for sharing your personal life and your "flaws" - my guess is that most of us feel the exact same way!

  2. as a reader, i am always wondering who is behind the blog i'm reading. sure y'all have 'about me' sections, but that edited all the time. i remember reading another blog where they had said, it took them like 20 selfies to find the best one, or to take 20 pics of their food (breakfast, lunch and/or dinner) to get the best shot..and here we are as readers thinking 'oh god how pretty she does she always look so put together' i want to get personal with the blogger behind the blog...i mean isn't it supposed to be that way? thank you for sharing this. <33

  3. Hi Victoria!
    It's too funny, I was just having a conversation with a friend about how so many blogger keep up this appearance of being absolutely perfect every day - so this post is very very much appreciated! I can relate on a lot of your points - I totally don't get made up every day either!

    Bold Subtlety 

  4. This post is amazing. There is so much of what you said here that I can 100% relate to, I appreciate you sharing!

  5. this is a beautiful post! it really is amazing how perfect things seem from afar. reading blogs, everyone seems to have the absolute perfect life and then you realize that perhaps they don't! love, courageous post!
    ladies in navy

  6. I love your blog! And I know what you mean. I get really depressed sometimes because I see bloggers living lives that are completely flawless. The constant vacations, the $1000 shoes every week, the mansions just everything! I always wonder "omg why is my life not like that!?" But I just have to tell myself "don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle." I know that these bloggers have struggles and we may not see them but the "omg my life is so perfect facade" is getting old. Excellent blog post!!!

  7. Thank you for posting this! It is true, in social media and blogs, we all tend to only share the best of our lives and we're kind of looked down upon by society if we decide to be human and transparent. But we all are flawed and I can relate to this. We are imperfectly perfect and it's great to have people in our lives who believe in us, accept us, and love us wildly in spite of ourselves :)
    I do love your blog!

    Halle Meets Sparkle

  8. I love your honesty. It's so refreshing when bloggers, especially in the style and fashion world, open up and just get REAL with their readers. Plus I can relate to half the things on this list, so you're not alone friend!

    xo Always, Abby

  9. Love this! I'm not a bed maker either & I'm also a crybaby!

    Crumbs & Curls

  10. I'm so glad you shared some of this. Often times, I'm sure you can relate, you see people only in the perfect pictures and wonder what kind of job they have to afford 20 tory bags, or whatever. I started my blog so that I could show women that they could be fashionable at any price point but I, too, find myself wandering into J.Crew and dropping $100 on two tops (which I cannot afford!) all to keep up with the jones'. It's HARD keeping up but I try to keep it REAL instead. I don't make my bed either and hope to find love that makes me feel the way you do about your hubs.

    xo, Nina

  11. Victoria, I'm so happy that you wrote this post!! I already feel like I know you so much better :) I'm a total drama queen too & Ryan gets to do the dishes cause I gag every time I have to wash a dish with gunk on it hahaha...hence begin the drama queen

  12. Loved this post........thanks for being real! Hope the interviews go well.

  13. Loved the post. This is a great inspiration to those "real people" who love reading fashion blogs (or even feel like starting one of their own). We all have our flaws, and I think it's a big step into self-knowledge to admit them to ourselves. Good luck to you on this new period of your life!

    PS: so sorry for the mispellings, English is not my 'native tongue' (I'm Brazilian!)

  14. I just started my blog last Summer and although I was a reader of blogs, now that I have a blog I find I compare and get down on myself much more, which is a bummer b/c I enjoy blogging! I rarely wear make up, I have redness and acne scars and I definitely don't get anything free! It's just learning to try and stop comparing and not give into the side of me that wants to buy every little thing I see somewhere wearing! I'm not a bed maker either, and my bedroom floor might as well be a giant shelf for all my clothing. And I usually have to take about 30 photos to get one good one I like for my blog!

  15. I love this post, it makes you even more approachable, and it makes me feel a little bit better, not only about my own flaws but also about having days when you only want to wear jeans and no make up.

    Keep it up and good luck with the job hunting, you'll see that everything will work out for both you and H, all you need is a leap of faith and you already took your first step.


  16. I kind of love that you posted this! Transparency is a good thing, and good luck with the job hunt! I know those faith promoting experiences can be tough!

  17. This post is everything. I envy your closet and your style, but I viewed your blog as I do many others that I follow: 'written by a rich woman getting paid to shop and write about it.' I'm happy to know that you are down to Earth and more or less very similar in personality to myself! I struggle with many of the same insecurities as a blogger as well. I only now wish more than ever that we were best friends! Good luck to you and H, all things have a way of coming together for good people.

  18. Such a great post! In general I think it is too easy to be caught up in the "glam" that is blogging - but I think we connect the best over the true trials and tribulations that make up our lives. I always wonder how fashion bloggers do it - constantly showing off new products on the blog and it makes me happy to see you doing it in a economical way . I love your blog and this just made me love it even more!

  19. I applaud you for your honesty and for being willing to try a new direction with your blog! Excited to see what is to come with your writing!


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