Friday, December 20, 2013

Anchored [Take 2]

Sweater: c/o Kiki La'Rue // Pants: J. Crew Factory // Boots: Hunter [Crimson Pink, though the color looks way different online] // Wallet: Tory Burch // Earrings: c/o InPink // Bracelet: c/o InPink

Can I just say TGIF? For some reason this week has gone by so slow, and yet so fast at the same time. Maybe it's because it's my last week of work... which is exciting, but is also very heart breaking. For those of you who don't know, I am a nanny to 3 adorable kiddos, who just happen to be my nieces and nephew. H and I are both very close to our families, so moving away from all of them is going to be very hard for us. [Especially since I'm such a cry baby already! Ha!] Anyway, I just wanted to include one of the pictures of my cute niece Abigail [practically my child] who I get to spend all of my mornings with while the other 2 kids are at school. We do everything together and she always follows me around and copies whatever I do. I love it so much! H has had this past week off of work, so Abigail has been with us while we take our pictures mid-day, and she kept trying to be in the pictures with me... SO CUTE!

Wow, enough with my rambling! I mentioned a few days ago how much I was loving Kiki La'Rue, but I have to rave again. I am truly in love with all of their clothes, especially this anchor sweater. I know that the whole anchor trend has kind of died down, but I am just starting to fall in love with it! What do you think?

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  1. That sweater is the cutest! I just love Kiki La'Rue! Hunter boots are definitely my first gift to myself this Christmas too! Love the pink!

    Sweet Southern Sparkle

  2. That sweater is SO cute!! Love it!


  3. Beautiful outfit. Love that sweater with the pink boots and your hair style is amazing. Need to try it.
    happy friday.
    xo, Petra

  4. Aww I do love to see you wearing your "girlie" pink Wellies they are so feminine and you look adorable.

  5. Love the sweater and the fact that these Hunters aren't neon!
    xo, Lee

  6. I will always and forever love anchors. They are one of my favorite things. That sweater is too cute. And I love navy and pink together! Those pink Hunters are perfection.


  7. Oh darling it's lovely to see you wearing your Wellingtons, my Wellingtons are pink too and I wear them whatever the weather, I often slip them on when I go to work on a sunny day or team them with denim shorts and thin black Tights when I meet my boyfriend, he always seems to be more passionate when I've got my Wellingtons on.

  8. Love this! Please check out my blog!

  9. Can I just say, your niece is adorable. And I must say you have the nicest selection of boots. Love those pink Hunter boots.

  10. i like your Sweater & Boots. thats looks fabulous. thanks Victoria Farnsworth.

    Indian Fashion Salwar Kameez Store.


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