Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Deals

Happy Black Friday everyone! If you are more of an online shopper like I am, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite clothing items that are on sale right now. Maybe you're buying for a mother, sister, friend... or simply adding something extra to your cart as a present from Santa [or an early Christmas present ;] Either way, here is a little bit of shopping inspiration.

Here are my top 10 sale picks that will more than likely be finding their way to my home right about now...

And here are some other online sales going on right now at some of my favorite stores! Happy shopping!! xoxo,

 photo c1193f98-d96c-42c2-af40-47aae462b679_zps012dd54d.jpg

 photo 8b3fcb13-5644-4559-a9f3-bb8e4747a25c_zps2997ddb2.jpg

 photo f66a557a-a617-44b6-979b-6d44ab5bdfe1_zps7864e7ab.jpg

 photo 3505f452-a2db-4b31-a43e-4673fdda9fba_zpscf3fb0c4.jpg

 photo 77d05880-d237-4c9f-90d4-0608f0d0c38d_zpsae5e4ab6.jpg

 photo c835b305-e8e9-4323-abd1-f7efc7421202_zpsd51491ca.jpg




 photo 11592ab2-82f0-4b14-8a41-62a7f9cf445b_zpsb8b47866.jpg

 photo faa012e0-7094-4514-b6c5-da4777e72201_zpsf96ecf6f.jpg

 photo NewSiggy_zpscdf6e4bc.png

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  1. If you're interested in including small businesses, I'm running a Black Friday to Cyber Monday sale for 20% off both my shops - with the code "HANGIT" and with the code "BRANDIT". I would be super grateful for any shoutouts!


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