Thursday, October 17, 2013

Big News + Sequins

Big news today! [And no, I'm not pregnant. ;]

About a month ago, H and I put in our application at BYU Idaho, and have been waiting to hear back from them. About 10 days ago, we found out that we got in, but we were still not sure which semester we would be starting. [BYU Idaho uses the 3 track system.] We found out yesterday that we will be attending the Winter/Spring semesters, so we are moving up to Idaho right after Christmas! We are both incredibly excited and nervous. Besides his 2 year LDS mission, my husband has never been away from home, and besides my year in Utah for college, the same is true for me. While I look forward to the move and having that time alone with my sweet husband where we can make our own decisions and get to know each other away from our families and out of our comfort zones, we are both very close with our families and are dreading the days that we have to be away from them. We will probably be there for the next two years, [possibly longer] while H completes his degree in Computer Information Systems. I will not be going to school at this time [maybe a few online classes here and there] but will be working to support him through school. This is a very nerve wracking experience that I am dreading and very much looking forward to at the same time. [Especially because we are moving to Idaho in the dead of winter! Looks like these Arizonians are in for a rude awakening. ;]

Any of you live in Idaho and have any tips for us?

Pink blouse: Forever 21 // Sequin Top: J. Crew Factory [Sold out online... I recommend sizing up, I am wearing a Medium] // Pants: c/o Aeropostale [on SALE!] // Booties: Target // Bracelet: ILY Couture

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  1. This outfit is fabulous! I love the fun layer, and bright pop of pink!


  2. What exciting news, I can't wait to hear how the move goes!!!!


  3. I am from Washington so Idaho is our neighbor...invest in some legit boots (that you dont worry about being ruined) and a few peacoats!! Excited for you to experience the Pacific Northwest! Good luck with the move.

  4. Congratulations! That's wonderful new. Best of luck this next year.

    Steph @ NewlyMynted

  5. Great outfit! Good luck to H in school and you with supporting him in many ways!
    xo. Lee

  6. i went to byu-i (i actually lived in idaho for about 7 years...) you'll love it. winters are rough, but spring and summer are awesome. there is a ton to do, and the school is great.

  7. How exciting!! We just made a big move recently and it's so exhilarating! Enjoy these next couple of months with your families! :)

    xo, Jordan
    Opal & Violet

  8. Congrats! So exciting! I work in higher ed and I love seeing people changing their lives through education-very powerful! And good for you for supporting your husband while he goes! Adventures are fun!

  9. I live in the Boise area and love it. Yes, the winters can be cold but nothing like Montana or Colorado and we haven't actually had any really bad winters for years. I love it because we have every season here. Welcome to Idaho!

  10. Congratulations to you and your husband!! That's so exciting! This outfit is so perfect: pink, polka dots, and sequins! What more could a girl ask for!? By the way I received the black dress with the leather cut outs yesterday and I'm totally in love!!

    Danielle xx

  11. NOOOOO right as I move here, you move away?? SOOOO not cool!! We had a 'blate' last night and I'm dying to meet you - maybe before you go??

  12. That top is amazing! Polka dots AND sequins. Too cute! Good luck with the big move!

    Life as a Waterleaf

  13. Good luck with this next chapter in your life! Sounds like such a wonderful adventure!


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  14. Have I ever told you I love you? Because I do. This is such a fun outfit and as always, you look gorgeous!


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