Tuesday, September 24, 2013

White Coat Wardrobe Guest Post

Over the weekend, I posted this picture on Instagram, asking what you thought about this H&M faux fur vest. I really liked it, but H was not so sure about it. Most of you encouraged me to get it, and so I did, and I'm really excited about it. An outfit post on this look will be coming soon!

What are your feelings on faux fur vests? Yay or nay?? [Phone case HERE.]

And now I have a guest post for you, from the cutest blogger: Steph from White Coat Wardrobe!


Hey everyone! My name is Steph and I write a blog called White Coat Wardrobe! I'm so excited to be working with Victoria today! I have been following her blog since the beginning, and seeing her fearless sense of style and self encouraged me to put my own outfit ideas out there. I am a Physician Assistant Student, and I am currently in the third month of my clinical year. School and rotations keep me super busy, and outfit planning has been a great creative outlet for me!

My style represents a modest, working woman who is not afraid of color or current trends! I live on student loan money, so my style choices are also very budget-conscious. I believe in building a wardrobe filled with versatile pieces that speak to you! Personal style should be an expression of YOUR personality, not necessarily what is popular or cool with everyone!

I also write about my clinical experiences and the trials and tribulations that come with the hectic schedule of graduate school. I love meeting new people through this wonderful world of blogging, so I hope that you will stop by and say "hey!" and don't forget to follow along via Bloglovin!! Thanks for having me, Victoria!


Thanks Steph! And don't forget to enter the Truly You Giveaway!!


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  1. Love the vest! Glad you got it!!
    Everyday Fashion

  2. I picked up a faux fur vest last year at Marshalls; by far my fav purchase of the season!

  3. You have very pretty eyes your always wearing sunnies.


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