Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Did any of you notice that I just kind of stopped the 30 day challenge? Is that awful of me? I feel kind of bad, but let's be honest -- you know how quickly I get sick of things, my clothes especially. And while I did really well and didn't spend any money, it got hard to wear the same pieces. But hey, I did 20 days, so that's pretty good, right?? [I'm a quitter. Another one of my flaws....]

But I really love this outfit and I was so excited to share it with you! I love pink and I love sequins, so this is a definite favorite. 

Top: J. Crew [old, loving THIS one] // Blazer: Marshalls // Pants: c/o Aeropostale // Shoes: c/o Sugar Love Boutique // Sunnies: Hello Fab // Clutch: c/o Aeropostale // Necklace: c/o Bip and Bop // Earring: c/o Hawthorne Collection

Oh, and for those of you who don't follow me on Instagram, I shared this lovely picture that was captured by my wonderful photographer right as the sprinklers went off. It was too good not to share with all of you. ;] Fashion blogger fail.
Happy hump day! H and I are taking a quick trip up to Utah this weekend, and I am so excited about it! Any fun weekend plans? Don't forget to enter the Moiology J. Crew gift card giveaway!
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  1. I love that picture haha :) Such a cute look! Can never go wrong with sequins!

    Xo, Kahana

  2. What a great moment to capture on that last one! I do love this outfit as well and the pop of turquoise!


  3. Love the sequins! I couldn't do the 30x30 either, don't feel bad!

    Style of One's Own

  4. I love this look, and I can understand how the 30 day challange could get hard to do, I know I couldn't do it.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  5. Haha! Good ol' sprinklers! I've been trying to shop my wardrobe some. I might be trying out that 30 day challenge soon. Have a good time in Utah!

  6. Such a cute look! I'm in love with your shoes and top! Way to go on going on the 20 day challenge. I would've probably stopped the challenge way earlier than you, so congrats!
    Love the picture of you getting caught in the sprinklers. Your face is priceless!


  7. You always look so amazing!! I just love your style and that last photo is PRICELESS!

  8. Love it! I love a sequin shirt under a blazer. You look fantastic. And love the shoes! Awesome blogger blooper. I have many pictures of me tripping, almost falling, etc. Have a great time in Utah!


  9. Yay for sequins and these fun colors. Your haircut is seriously adorable. Thanks for linking up!

  10. I found your blog from Style Elixer and am so glad I did. Your newest follower! Xoxo -

  11. Lovely outfit! I'm liking the pops of color, and those sunglasses are amazing!

  12. I did notice that it seemed like you had a lot of different pieces in that challenge. lol. I love this look though and I could never do that challenge, I would get sick of the items too quickly!

  13. Love this outfit! Love that last photo! Blogger Problems!

  14. This color combination is so fun! Love the soft pink with bright teal!

    Exploring My Style

  15. Haha, I just lol. This photo made the post, well and the outfit! too cute!

  16. this is so gorgeous! but only 20 days?! girl you have a problem ;) i can go for about thirty, though.. more would be way too much
    kw ladies in navy

  17. I love this look - especially the black pants! Are they like a legging? I got my J Crew shoes in the mail last night and they are perfect! Thanks! Susan

  18. Love the sparkle and those shoes are smokin'!

  19. This is SUCH an adorable outfit! I love everything about it! Haha I love the sprinkler photo and have fun in Utah!


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