Tuesday, July 9, 2013

10 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

So have you heard of the Liebster Award? It's this thing among bloggers, and I have been nominated by two of my dear blogger friends, Ainslee and Katelin. Basically you answer all of these questions about yourself and then nominate other bloggers. To be completely honest, I didn't really feel like answering all of those questions, so instead I thought I would share with you 10 things you probably don't know about me. Personally, I wish more bloggers would do something like this, because I enjoy getting to know other bloggers on a personal level. It's fun to see that they are actually real people! So if you care to get to know me a little bit more, please read on. :]

10 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me:

1. If I hear music, no matter where I am and no matter the type of music, I can't help but dance along somehow. Either by tapping my foot, bobbing my head, or full out breaking it down. And if I know the song, I am always singing or humming along. Seriously, I could be in the middle of a store, surrounded by people, and I will start singing and dancing.

2. You know that rap song Look at Me Now by Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes, and Lil Wayne? I can totally rap Busta Rhymes' part in that. Word for word and at the same speed. [Here is the Karmin version. The original swears a lot!]

3. I don't/won't do the dishes. That is my least favorite chore. I will scrub the toilets no problem, but I will not do the dishes. That's H's job in our house. [Does that make me a bad house wife?]

4. Most of the girls in my Singles Ward wanted to date H's twin brother, but the second I saw H, I thought he was the hottest thing I had ever seen, and I knew I was going to marry him. [It took him about 14 months to figure out that he wanted to marry me.]

5. I have played both the piano and the viola since I was 12 years old.

6. I totally love Miley Cyrus and her music. And while I think the music video for her new song We Can't Stop is disturbing and quite inappropriate, it's kind of my favorite song right now. I blast it on repeat whenever I'm driving anywhere. [H isn't too happy about that. ;]

7. I have a strange obsession with hard boiled eggs. I could eat them for every meal. I don't like scrambled eggs, and only rarely do I eat fried eggs, but hard boiled/deviled eggs? Yes please.

8. It drives me crazy if my nails aren't painted. I have to have them painted. But I also have a bad habit of peeling the nail polish off within a day or two of painting them. So I end up having to paint my nails almost every day.

9. I get pretty bad road rage. Slow drivers and bad drivers make me really angry. I'm kind of a speed demon. H says I'm a bad driver, but I'm not. I'm just fast. I've been pulled over multiple times for speeding, but I've never been in a car crash, so clearly I'm not that bad, right?

10. I shoot jeeps. H drives a Jeep, and every time we would break up, my friends and I would "shoot" every Jeep we saw on the road out of spite. And even though H and I have been together for over a year now, I still can't break the habit. And sometimes H catches it on camera.

[There are seriously so many more, but I usually transfer all of my pictures onto am external hard drive, and I don't have it with me today. But one day I'll post all of my Jeep shooting pictures for you to see. :]

And any of you other bloggers out there-- I would love for you to share 10 things about yourself that your readers don't know! Share the link below and I will check it out! :]
Also, I updated my About tab, so head on over and check it out! 
Happy Tuesday!
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  1. You are so funny! I love that first picture. You should see my nails right now. SO chipped and nasty. I think I'm going to see how long I can stand it.


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  2. Ahhh...road rage...I definitely feel ya on that one!
    Debbie :)

  3. i love the new miley song but the video is too weird. and i'm with you on the road rage. i think that other people are just dumb drivers.

  4. I have road rage, and I'm not that good of a Driver so it's a bad combo.
    Fashion and Happy Things

  5. Shoota! Hahaha..love it! I am a very public dancer too.. my husband just looks at me and goes, "really? here?" yup.

  6. You are too cute. Strike a pose! xo

    Oh and washing dishes is my favorite chore...trade ya for laundry?

  7. You are simply adorable! I have the sam issue with road rage. I don't know what it is. Slow people and traffic drives me crazy!



  8. hahahah! those shooting jeep photos are awesome
    kw ladies in navy

  9. This post seriously made my night. I loved reading it and learning more about you. There were a few of them I was reading and just nodding along going "yep, I do that too." :) For instance, I have the same problem with peeling my nails, and no matter where I am if a song comes on that I know, I tend to start singing along to it! Also, the shooting jeep pictures are awesome. I love it!
    Written in Fashion

  10. You are so beautiful,and your dresses is so beautiful!It makes me want to buy one of your clothes,I love them

  11. Such a fun post. I'm right there with you when it comes to music. I just can't help myself! My husband often catches me dancing to commercials or other random music and calls me out on it!

    Fizz and Frosting

  12. Ha - I wondered what the "hand" gun was for. Love this. It's so fun to learn about people and hear their stories like this! Great blog!

  13. Oh my gosh, I HATE doing dishes! It's the first time in my life I don't have a dishwasher and seriously, it's the worst appliance not to have. I always leave them for my poor boyfriend. I would much rather clean the rest of the kitchen, vacuum, even the bathroom which I hate. For Christmas, I made him one of those silly coupon books and put "One Week of Dishes." Luckily today was the last day for that coupon!

    Thanks for the good idea for a blog post! I'm not sure when I'll publish it but when I do, I'll come back and leave the link for ya!

    Exploring My Style

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  15. I loved reading this. So i had to create my own. Find it here: http://jessicajeanw.blogspot.com/2013/07/10-things-you-probably-dont-know-about.html

    xo Jessica


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