Thursday, June 27, 2013

Stripes, Cheetah, and Tanning

I'm struggling right now ladies: struggling with being so pale in an Arizona summer. And I know I should just embrace it because that's what I was born with and love it because my husband loves it, BUT........

Here are a few of my problems when it comes to tanning:

1. I don't tan. Like, at all. I just burn and then turn white again.
2. H will not let me get a spray tan. He hates it when I look fake. [He also hates eyelash extensions and acrylic nails. Unfortunately, those are two of my favorite things.]
3. Tanning lotion always results in looking too orange or streaky. Maybe I just suck at putting it on? Maybe I'm using the wrong stuff?

Right now I own the Sun tanning lotion, and I may try to apply it again one of these days, but it's just a little too obvious. And I feel like it comes off within a few days?? I've heard really good things about Million Dollar Tan, but I still am very apprehensive when it comes to spending money on any kind of tanning product, because it just hasn't worked for me. Any suggestions when it comes to tanning? I feel like I've tried everything, and I just want to be tan. Not dark, I just need a little color ladies!

Top: Old Navy // Skirt: J. Crew Factory // Shoes: Charlotte Russe [old] // Clutch: Clare Vivier // Bracelets: A-Thread c/o, J. Crew Factory // Sunnies: HelloFab

Side note: Not crazy about these shoes with this outfit. It's the worst when you realize something like that a little too late. ALSO-- I am in the market for some amazing distressed jeans. I have my eye on these [sooo expensive--can't decide if they're worth it or not] and these [they don't have my size.] Any other suggestions?

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  1. i use jergens natural glow. (and they got rid of the fake tanner smell.) i like it because it takes a while to build it up so it doesn't look as fake. it gives me close to the color i used to get when i was a tan little kid. now that i'm grown up i just burn, peel and then am pale again. plus it's fairly cheap so if you don't like it you didn't waste that much money.

  2. I use Million Dollar Tan and absolutely LOVE it, you can put it on a lot so you get super tan, or you can put it on lightly and just get a little color :)

  3. I used to use Jergens, but I'm pretty pale and it just looked too fake, even with a slow build up. I recently found Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs and I LOVE it. I use it in the lightest color it comes but it just gives you a bronzed look without being fake. The trick is to put it in your hand and then rub it on your legs. It is just a daily application though and I use body wash and water to get it off in the shower the next morning.
    Good Luck! :)

  4. I've used the Jergens and liked it a lot. But why mess with something H likes? Also LOVE the second pair of jeans! So, I recommend eating less....or more.....and getting a different size. ;)

  5. You look so Chic first of all and this is an All-American Look. Great Booties. As far as being pale, at least you are Blonde. I am very pale for being a Brunette, for being an Albanian, a Mediterranean for that matter.

    By the way Victoria, I am Ada. I joined your page (following you) a few weeks ago. I absolutely love your style. I run a Weekly Feature titled Week's Best Looks. I have featured you there before & today, so please check it out.

    Thank You & Enjoy the Weekend!!

  6. I think those shoes are super cute! They totally go with the outfit :)
    Unfortunately I don't have any advice on tanning since I've never done it myself, but good luck!

  7. I know what you mean about tanning!! I am SO pale and burn in just 20 mins in direct sunlight. It's terrible. No matter how much sunscreen I use, I ALWAYS get my first summer burn. It tans a little bit but I burn so easily, it's hard to tan!

    I've never tried fake tanning because I don't usually like how the results turn out on others but I wish you the best of luck in your search!

    Exploring My Style

  8. LOVE your style!! You have a new follower on Bloglovin!

  9. Love your nautical look.


  10. those boots are incred!!! also of course LOVE ur clutch :)

    XO Meghan

  11. 1. i think you look great as is. you are beautiful!! 2. i love jergens gradual tan. it doesn't streak, doesn't look fake and is very minimal.

  12. Stopping by via Always Maylee :)

    I think the shoes look just fine with the adorable outfit! And, hey, maybe you're not tan but you also won't be wrinkly either!

  13. You look great as it you could do well without tanning I think. And your prints & patterns mix is your hair of course!


  14. The Jergen's Lotion with tanner (mentioned above) is what both my daughter and I use. It is very subtle and very natural (you can buy it in various strengths). We are both naturally very white, and this does not look fake. You have to use it every day, though, because your skin naturally sheds and so you need to keep adding some - and this is the easiest to use, no streaking involved. Good luck!

  15. I am loving the whole outfit! the clutch is just amazing!! i love it!!

  16. Your skin is BEAUTIFUL!!! Don't worry about fitting in to a socially set standard of beauty. Be the game-changer to set the trend for fair skin again! I have very, very fair skin and I love it. For a point of reference, so you know I'm not lying, here are recent photos of me rockin' the fairness:

    Your beautiful just the way God made you. Likely the only reason you don't like your fair (yes, fair, NOT pale) skin is because you've been accustomed socially to think it's not attractive — it's just not the truth! People are most beautiful in whatever is natural for them!

  17. I totally love the combo of red and leopard print!! xo

  18. Wear 30 SPF sunscreen everyday and go for a 30-45 minute run. And go outside at different times of the day. This is how I get my color in the summer. You won't burn with 30. It's the perfect SPF for about an hour or so before needing to reapply. Even with fair skin. And you get a great tan when you wear sunblock - a nice bronzey and natural color. And..the sun reflects off your sweat! Sounds weird but it works for me. Tanning lotions leave an icky feeling on my skin, smell like the tanning bed or tend to be streaky. Spray tans wear off quickly, are expensive, difficult to exfoliate and begin to make me itchy after a week. Generally I use spray tans for events. Just try spending an hour doing light or heavy cardio in the sun with SPF 30 around 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM. Go back out for an evening stroll between 5-8 P when the sun is setting. Even though the UV index is lower at that time, you can still get a teeny bit of color. it's all about gradual progression :)

    1. Oh yeah and I heard Tan Towels are great to but those are a temporary thing.


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