Monday, June 17, 2013

Hot Coral

Happy Monday! I thought I would give you a recap of some of my favorite and not so favorite things that happened this past week.

Not So Favorite
1. The two year old that I nanny [who I am in the process of potty training] decided that she needed to go "stinkies" during swim lessons. In her diaper-less swim suit. So there I was with no diaper bag, waiting for the other two kids to finish up their lessons. I'm really killing this whole "mom" thing.
2. The two teenage boys working at Banana Republic who introduced themselves to me and then kept finding reasons to talk to me. Uhmm, hi. Do you not see the ring on my finger?
3. Watching Prom Night [seriously the scariest] and then getting this email the minute it was over. Yup. I am officially convinced that I have a stalker. [Have you guys seen that movie???]
4. H started using the phrase "snuggle with a struggle." So there's that.

1. Going shopping with my mom and buying matching blazers.
2. Planning a Cali trip with my best friend and her husband. Holla!
2. This video that H and I made for my dad:

Anyway, on to the outfit of today. One of my friends has this shirt, and I have been coveting it for a while. So this past weekend when I saw it in Forever 21, I just couldn't pass it up. Plus, it goes perfectly with these new sandals that my mom bought me! Score! I'm not a huge fan of sandals [and I hate flip flops]--even in summer-- but I like that these are a bit nicer than the typical sandal. They dress up a casual outfit without having to wear heels.

Top: Forever 21 // Pants: Nordstrom Rack // Shoes: Dolce Vita via Marshalls // Clutch: HelloFab c/o // Sunnies: Forever 21

PS-- Head on over to Ladies in Navy to enter my latest giveaway!! 

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  1. this cracked me up! loving your striped top!

  2. Lol to your not so favorite moments! Knifeboy???? Gahhh creepy!!! Cute pic of your mom and you.

  3. Ha ha that poor little girl! Seriously though, I'm going to HATE potty training.

    Love the outfit! Your legs are perfect and I love that top! I need to hit up Forever 21!!

    xo, Jessica

  4. That is creepy! Anyways I love your outfit! The sandals are so cute!

  5. Potty training is a difficult task! I'm about to start that with my 2nd child. Sigh. I'm with you on the whole flip flops thing. I hate wearing them. I only wear them to the dance studio and back.

    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  6. I LOVE the colors int that shirt! You and your mom look so cute in your matching outfits!
    Penniless Socialite
    Vote for Me!

  7. I debated getting that top for a few weeks and then when I went back, it was gone. I wish I would have grabbed it!

  8. Okay I want that blazer you got, so cute!! Love this top with those amazing jeans too :)

    xo, Ainslee

  9. 1. Hahahahaha I could not stop laughing at the "stinkies" a whole other insight in the whole mom thing for sure.. 2. That email would creep me out scary movies for me. : /

  10. Such an adorable print mix! SO fun:)

  11. Those pants and that blouse are perfect together! And you and your mom are the CUTEST :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  12. When and where are you going in California!? Stop by Northern California and visit me! It's pretty up here and San Francisco/Lake Tahoe are nearby. :) Sold?

  13. Um, did you DTR me your best friend?! I feel the love :)

  14. And I have the same shirt as you, love it!


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