Thursday, June 13, 2013

HelloFab Guest Post

Okay ladies, today I am so excited to introduce you to one of my fabulous sponsors and an old friend: Jenna from Hello Fab! Jenna runs an online store called HelloFab, which features all of the trendiest clothing and accessories. Most of the jewelry is J. Crew inspired, but at a price that is much more affordable! I know you've all seen THESE glasses on repeat, and also THIS gold glam clutch that I wore HERE and HERE. I am in love with basically everything in her shop! She recently started her own fashion blog, and I am so excited about it!

Here is a little bit about Jenna:

Hi, I'm Jenna from Hello Fab! I am very excited to be featured on Fashion Flirtation today.  I started Hello Fab Blog recently to showcase the many bloggers wearing items from our shop. On our blog you can find your favorite fashion bloggers wearing Hello Fab items as well as discovering new bloggers. Also, I do fashion posts once a week of me wearing Hello Fab items paired with my current favorite trends.  Find us at our shop: Hello Fab & our blog: Hello Fab Blog. Thanks again for having me Victoria!  Stay classy my friends. 

Jenna is always so humble! On her blog, you can see bloggers such as CaraLoren, Sisters in the City, Pink Peonies, Skirt the Rules, and Ivory Lane featuring HelloFab items! Be sure to check out her blog and her site!

Tomorrow's Friday!! Wahoo!!

 photo NewSiggy_zpscdf6e4bc.png


  1. I absolutely love Jenna!! She sent me that same cloth in blue and I can't wait to wear it!!

  2. I love her look! So cute! Definitely going to check out her blog & shop.


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