Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day Sixteen // Burnt Orange

This outfit is probably my go-to casual look. I know that I post a lot of outfits wearing skirts and dresses, but if I wasn't blogging all of my looks, I probably wouldn't be wearing those every day. My everyday look is usually jeans, heels, and an oversized shirt. [This is also H's favorite look. He kept telling me how good I looked-- just like in THIS post, where I was wearing jeans as well.] And speaking of jeans, I am completely obsessed with these. They are the same jeans that I wore HERE, but a different wash. Seriously loving the Old Navy Rockstar skinny jeans!

These burnt orange shoes that I'm wearing have been in my closet for almost a year now, and I absolutely loved them during the fall and winter. It is a perfect fall color, but not really that great for summer. I decided to break the rules and wear them anyway, because I love them. And  that's another thing I want to instill in all of you: It doesn't matter what the latest trends or fashions are, or if what you're wearing is in season or not. If you love it and you want to wear it, WEAR IT. What's most important is that you are confident in yourself and in what you are wearing. 

Top & Sunnies: Forever 21 [old] // Jeans: Old Navy // Shoes: Charlotte Russe [old] // Watch & Earrings: Target // Bag: Marshalls

Day Sixteen of the blogging challenge is: Tell something difficult about your lot in life.

And I'm just going to be honest--I don't like this topic very much. Because I don't really like to talk about negative things on my blog. I don't like dwelling on negative things, because when you do that, there's no room to focus on all of the wonderful things. Obviously no one is perfect, and I do have my own struggles and trials, but I have a loving husband and a wonderful family who are always there for me. I have a Heavenly Father who I can always turn to in times of need and when things get hard. So...yeah. That's all I've got to say on the topic!

Tomorrow is Friday! AND mine and H's 6 month anniversary! Wahoo! H said this morning, "Wow! And I thought it wouldn't last..." [For those of you who don't know H, he was obviously joking. Hopefully... ;]

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  1. So digging this look. Love that shirt!

  2. uhhhhhhh this is one of my favorite looks of yours! probably gonna go to old navy today :)

  3. Loving this laid back look. Love the color of those jeans. Probably because it's a light tone and compliments the dark floral top (cute by the way).

  4. Nice outfilt. Plane Pretty sent me.

  5. i love your outfit! so gorgeous!
    planet pretty sent me!
    steph coupns

  6. Nice blog!
    Do you wanna follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin ? <3


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