Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day Fifteen // Neon

I know that I have been going a little crazy with the neon lately, but it is honestly one of my favorite trends. You can wear it with pretty much anything, and that's what is so fun about it! [See how I wore it HERE and HERE.] I've dressed it down before, but I thought it was time to dress it up! People often ask me why I get dressed up every day for my nannying job. But here's the thing-- I don't get dressed up for my nannying job. I get dressed up for me. I feel better about myself when I get dressed up. If I don't get ready in the mornings, I usually don't feel that great about myself that day. I love looking hot [who doesn't?], so that is why I take so much time getting ready. And because I have a fashion blog... :]

Anyway, I'm obsessed with wearing neon with black and white! What are some of your favorite ways to wear neon?


Dress: Kohl's [old] // Top: Old Navy [similar] // Shoes: DSW // Purse: Target // Sunnies: Forever 21 [old]

For the Blog Every Day in May challenge, the topic is: A day in the life.
A typical day for me [since I'm sure you're all dying to know] usually goes like this:
1. It starts out with some of this: [outfit pictures.]

2. Once I get to work, there's usually a whole lot of this:

 [There are 2 other kids, but they are in school most of the day, so I don't have as many pictures of them.]

3. I usually eat a lot of food throughout the day. Though most of it is healthy, due to my Gluten Free diet and the 21 day challenge I've been sort of doing with my sisters.

4. Obviously I blog a lot. When I have free time, I like to work on future blog posts, brainstorm ideas, and check out other blogs for my daily fix. [Some of my favs: Pink Peonies, Ivory Lane, Cleverly Yours, Hello Fashion, Something Devine.]

5. Hopefully it involves some of this:

[If you haven't been here before, GO NOW. I think right now it's still on the corner of Greenfield and Germann. H and I have been going quite a bit lately. And I don't even feel bad about it. Sno Cones and Coke are my go-to's during summer.]

6. When I get home from work, H and I usually catch up on a few of our favorite shows. [My favorite shows. He doesn't really care too much about TV shows, but he still cuddles me and watches them.]

7. We are usually in bed by 11, sometimes a little earlier, sometimes a little later, and then we do the whole thing all over again.
And there's  a whole lot of picking and dropping off of kids, lunches and snacks, potty training, cuddling, watching of My Little Pony, cooking, and cleaning in between. Usually my days are fun, but there are days that are just too long. I don't care what anyone says, nannying is a hard job. It's basically like being a mom, and maybe I'm not that ready for it after all! [I'm sure H will be delighted to read that. ;] I love my job, and I know I will love being a mom, but it's definitely a never ending challenge. If one kid is being good, you can guarantee the other is acting crazy. If one of them is napping, you can bet that the other just wants to scream and play. Besides nap time, you don't really get a break. I have a deep admiration for my sisters [and any other mom out there] with 6 kids! Or really, any number of children. It's a hard job, but it is definitely a rewarding one. I love seeing my cute nieces and nephew grow and learn and laugh each day!
Happy Hump Day! If you haven't entered my giveaways yet, you can do so HERE and HERE. :]
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  1. I love how you layered the striped tee under that adorable dress, so cute! :)

    xo, Ainslee

  2. i think you're the only crazy person in arizona that's wearing long sleeves... in the middle of may...;)

    i'm in love with those shoes and that bag!

  3. I believe you that being a nanny is a hard job. I have 2 kids and it is hard work raising children. I looooove your outfit by the way. The stripes and black dress are so cute and I love the neon touches.


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  4. You are so right. Get dressed and ready for the day for YOU. and that pic of A in the grocery cart, has me lol-ing. It is harder being a nanny I think then if they were your own kids. You do an amazing job and the kids are do so well with their awesome auntie in their life. ALSO, there is a sno cone shack at Chandler Heights, around Power or a mile west.

  5. I saw you on the giveaway on Megan's blog and recognized you from the AZ blogger meetup! You look amazing!!!!! I love this outfit. You are gorgeous.

  6. Love the neon colors on you. Those shoes are pretty fantastic! Love it!!

    I'd love it if you can drop by mine and check out my latest post:

  7. Thanks for linking up with Friday's Five, hope to see you back again this week!

    Enter the Friday Link Up!

    FACE IT Catalog

  8. You are looking good and the kid is so sweet and cute. You're outfit is really different becasue your shoes and handbag doesn't suit your dress but its uncommon and stylish.

  9. Love those neon heels and bag. You look fab!!! Thanks for linking up and sharing the linkup! ; )

  10. This look is awesome!! I can't tell you how I am obsessed with neon...I want to wear it all summer! Thanks for linking up :)


    The Fashion Canvas

  11. This look is awesome!! Thanks for linking up :) You are looking good and the kid is so sweet and cute.....
    leather Jackets


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