Friday, May 3, 2013

Day Three // Pattern Play

HAPPY FRIDAY! Seriously, I look forward to Friday all week long, and when I wake up on Friday, it just feel different. You know? Your body just knows that the weekend is about to start, and it's exciting!

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Anyway, today's blog topic for the Blog Every Day in May challenge is: Things that make you uncomfortable.

Guys. It's uncomfortable how many things make me uncomfortable.

1. When people talk about money. When I used to work as a receptionist, I remember this one time that this couple was sitting in the waiting room, talking very loudly about only having 42 cents left in their account and not being able to afford groceries that day. Yes, I felt bad for them, but mostly I just felt uncomfortable. Seriously. It makes me feel so weird to overhear peoples conversations like that. And if I'm being completely honest, it makes me uncomfortable if H tries to talk to me about money too. [Not all the time, just if we are in public.] It's just weird to me that people talk so loudly about what they can and can't afford. Talk about it at home, or in the car, or somewhere where it's just you and your spouse, you know?

2. When girls dress immodestly. Okay this is something that makes me uncomfortable mostly because I want to say something about it, but I can't because I don't want to offend anyone. [And honestly, I couldn't care less about people that aren't LDS.] But when I see girls that definitely know better, it makes me really uncomfortable. I'm a Young Women's Leader in my ward, and I am surprised at how many girls wear short skirts or sleeveless tops to church. Okay, I'm getting on a rant, but for real girls--it's not cute. And it makes me feel weird. So stop!

3. Animal lovers. Like, okay, it's fine that you love cats and dogs, but STOP TALKING ABOUT THEM. It's so weird. And when people talk about their animal like it's a human, I want to throw up. I'm sorry. I don't mean to offend anyone, but I am not an animal lover, so don't talk to me about your animals. [Also, animal commercials make me uncomfortable. And if anyone feeds their cat Fancy Feast, don't even tell me, because I will freak out.]

4. Kissing in the mornings. I mean, I love my husband and all, buuuut I'm not a fan of morning breath make outs. Seriously. The very first thing I do when I wake up is brush my teeth, because I hate morning breath. It makes me very uncomfortable.

5. Basically anything having to do with the bathroom, but especially when people can hear me going to bathroom, or when I can hear them. It weirds me out to no end. If I am ever with someone and they are within listening distance of the bathroom, I turn on the faucet, so they can't hear me pee. Or if someone is going to the bathroom and I am nearby, I will talk really loud, or try to make a lot of noise so I can't hear them. It is so awkward and makes me feel extremely uncomfortable. [The one exception-- my husband. But I've just recently got over it.]

For the sake of not wanting to turn this blog post into a novel, I will quit with just those 5 things, but I ensure you, there are many more.


It was so windy this morning, and most of my outfit pictures turned out pretty crazy. Hope you all enjoy them anyway! :] [And I apologize for my hand being in my hair in almost every picture, but that was the only way I could keep it down!]

Here are how most of the pictures turned out:

Top: Forever 21 [old]; Skirt: Q; Belt: Forever 21; Bag: Marshalls; Sunnies: HelloFab [ON SALE!]; Shoes: Kohl's [old]

What are some things that make YOU uncomfortable? [Hopefully not these awkward windy pictures! ;]

 photo FVsigg_zps0696da73.png


  1. Dont get me wrong I dont mind simple PDA but I'm going to have to say when people show WAY too much I get extremely uncomfortable. It's sweet if you are holding hands, or arm in arm, but please dont be making, sitting in your special someones lap. AND when people are grabbing/smacking rear ends I just about loose it.

  2. Wow. Consider yourself un-invited to my animal lovin household. ;D For me, when spouses start arguing in front of me, I just wanna crawl into a hole.

    Love the pics that turned out well, gorgeous lighting! And I love that you are confident enough to put up the not-so-great ones, too. :)

  3. I definitely agree about the animal lover thing. I get really uncomfortable when people talk to their pets in front of me. My mom does it to her dogs and I just cringe. I love your outfit!

    - Kaileigh @

  4. Super Cute Outfit, I would've never thought to pair those together but it's adorable!

    I didn't grow up with animals either, it's taken me years to learn to be more tolerant of people who are really attached. I have a best friend cousin who (against her own desires) has never had the chance to get married, so her giant dogs are all she has. I've never allowed any dogs in my house, but when the boys are off at father and sons, I let her bring them because it makes her happy, just have to grin and bear it sometimes :).

    Oh and the bathroom thing cracked me up, 'cause my husband totally feels that way, but not me. I grew up with 5 sisters all sharing one big bathroom and it was fun. We had a toilet closet, but the door was never closed because then you'd have to miss out on the conversation! All of our husbands have had to insist that we learn to close the door LOL :). As many sisters as you have, I guess you mostly grew up sandwiches between brothers :).

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