Saturday, May 4, 2013

Day Four //

Day Four of the Blog Every Day in May challenge is: Favorite quote and why you love it.

Now this was a little tricky just because I have so many favorite quotes. Seriously. I have so many quotes pinned to my Pinterest board, that it was hard for me to choose just one. However, as I was scrolling through them this morning, one of them really stuck out at me.

How amazing is this quote? It's so simple, but every time I read this, I have a total reality check. I get really deep for a bit, submerged in self reflection. I am definitely not perfect. There have been many times when I think a judgmental thought about someone, complain to my husband about how much I don't like someone, or make fun of others with my girl friends. But really, my words [that they don't hear] aren't harming anyone but myself. They don't really make that other person look bad, they just make me look bad. And my husband is so good at reminding me of this. Whenever I say an unkind word about somebody, he always says, "Baaaabe...." in that tone that annoys me, because I know that he's right. 

When you are unkind to others [to their face or behind their back,] you aren't bringing them down as much as you are bringing yourself down. Growing up, we all had those people that we considered bullies. People who would make fun of our hair, our clothes, how we looked, etc. And every time someone made fun of me, yes it would discourage me for a while, but eventually I wanted to rise up again and show them that I was better than that. And guess who I really remember from my middle school and high school days? The bullies. I always remember them as the people who were rude and who brought me down. And I don't know about you, but I sure don't want to be remembered that way. [And I apologize if anyone, anywhere, remembers me that way.]

I also think that in order to get anywhere in life, you need to be respectful and kind to everyone. Even if there are people that you don't necessarily get along with. [Because when you go in for that really amazing job interview, guess who's going to be the one interviewing you? That kid you bullied in high school. Oops. Karma.] Even starting up this blog, I get uncomfortable sometimes, when I think about people that I've wronged. Because I really want to share this blog and all of my stories and fashion inspiration with everyone, and it would really be a bummer if those people that I've wronged were to not read this blog or to say negative things about it [or me] because of my actions in the past. I think it is so incredibly important for us all to keep this quote in our heads, and try to think of something wonderful about everyone we come in contact with--even if they are a little bit different from us.

So yeah, like I said. A whole lot of self reflection going on over here, but I hope that you all take this quote to heart and try your best to be a little bit kinder. Be remembered as the one who was always sweet and encouraging, not the one who brought others down.

What are some of your favorite quotes? [HAPPY SATURDAY! :]

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  1. Ouch. This one is a zinger.
    I literally recoiled a little reading this.
    I think I may keep this one somewhere...

    I was so a bully growing up.
    awful, awful, awful.

  2. This is an incredible quote and explanation, thank-you so much for sharing! I couldn't agree more. I was just talking about this with a friend the other day and we realized that gossiping and saying mean things is like a black hole... You say one thing and you get sucked into this awful habit and it is just horrible. What a perfect quote to not get sucked in and to STOP IT. Gotta love good ole Dieter :)

  3. Oh ya we married twins... Baabeeeee. I can hear it now. Those boys never say anything bad about anyone, it is something I really admire about them.

  4. What a lovely quote! Really different to anything else I've seen today, it really made me think too :)

  5. I've love this quote. It's so easy to get caught up in gossip when it goes on around us and we need to be better! I stumbled on your blog from the link up & I love your outfit posts. So cute! xo


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