Monday, May 6, 2013

Day Six // All About the Accessories

Let's just talk about my new, amazing blog design! I needed a change, and it was perfect timing since I just recently changed the name of my blog to Fashion Flirtation. The talented Rylee Blake designed my blog for me, and I am so obsessed with it! If any of you are looking for a new blog design, she's your girl! Feel free to explore all of the new additions to the blog, and check out Rylee's personal blog too if you have a chance! [Please note: the Currently Craving tab on my side bar is still under construction.]

**ALSO: One of my outfits was featured on Plane Pretty's Sunday Style link up and I am so excited about it! Check out the other looks, and share your Sunday Style with other readers as well! :] **

Okay ladies, so today I want to talk about accessorizing! I am absolutely obsessed with accessories, and I think accessories are more important than the outfit itself. With this outfit I wanted to show you that accessories can make or break an outfit. In this case, I wore all white, but what really made the look was the pop of color in the shoes, bag, and earrings. It's important to remember that all of your accessories should have a similar theme or color. [I chose pink in this outfit, but you could also wear accessories in different neon colors and it would look great!] 

Anyway, there are so many pieces of this outfit that I am completely in love with! I just got these amazing shoes, and they have been on repeat. I have seriously worn them 3 of the 5 days I've had them. And these earrings-- how great are they? I won them in a giveaway from Ivory Lane, and I am so excited about them! [So excited that I actually won a giveaway!] And of course, you all know how much I love these HelloFab sunglasses...

Top, Bag, Belt: Forever 21; Pants: Charlotte Russe [similar]; Shoes: Shoe Dazzle; Sunnies: HelloFab; Earrings: Loren Hope via Lilac Bijoux

Today is day 6 of the challenge is: How would you answer the question "what do you do" if you couldn't answer with your job?

On an average day, I spend an unreasonable amount of time getting ready in the mornings [or any time I'm going somewhere], I drive as much as I can [I seriously love driving--it helps me think.] I snack more than I eat real meals [My niece and I literally ate an entire bag of Pirate's Booty the other day], and I blog as much as I can. I love writing and I love planning my fashion posts! I am a model on most days, and my photographer is the cutest! I am a wife [who makes H's lunches every morning], I am an assistant [to my brothers, who I swear make me run errands for them at least once a day], and I am a closet dancer [who performs for other drivers on the road and at stoplights!] And that is what I do on a daily basis!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend!!

[Today I am linking up to #YOLOMONDAY, Anything and Everything Tuesday Blog Hop, aaaaand Hunters of Happiness, Plane Pretty, Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson]


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  1. I love your hair! The braids on each side of your part are really cute. Loving this look!

  2. Those shoes are amazing!! I love Pirate Booty and would also blog all day if I could!

  3. Beautiful. Those shoes are to die for.

  4. uh hi i'm IN LOVE with your blog design! it's so cute. now i want to re-do mine! so glad we got to hang this weekend! and thanks for the small little shout out yesterday. love you v!!!

  5. Those shoes are amazing!! Love the pattern to them. Found you via Plane Pretty!


    The Fashion Canvas

  6. Love your white jeans and adorable pumps!!

    I'd love for you to link up to my weekly blog hop going on now :)

    xoxo Tori

  7. Just started following your blog and i just have to say that your style is amazing!

    -- Love from Singapore!

  8. The entire outift is marvelous and the most outstanding thing is very jewels and your shoes it makes more attractive.

  9. These all are good accessories for hot girls. Fashion

  10. Great outfit! I think the shoes are my favorite part. I've been wearing a lot of bow headbands lately, and I'd love one in that print!

  11. Your so fabulous! Love your hair and outfit!

  12. Look at you! Getting more and more fabulous day by day! Lovely appearance and what a fabulous selection of sunglasses for women.. :) XoXo

  13. Looking fab dear...I special appreciate the choice of your designer footwear..lovely!!

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  15. Your earrings and watches are so beautiful. I'm dying for the shoes.

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