Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Happiest Place on Earth

As most of you know, H and I spent the last few days at Disneyland with my family and our friends Hunter and Alissa. This vacation was at exactly the right time and place that we needed it, too! We all stayed at the Paradise Pier Hotel, which was so nice, because we only had to walk across the street and through the Grand Californian Hotel to get into California Adventure and Disneyland, as opposed to our honeymoon where we had to walk almost 2 miles. [Not that 2 miles is a marathon or anything, but it was just nice to be super close!] Another perk that came with staying in one of the Disneyland Hotels was that we got the Extra Magic Hour every morning, which allowed us into the parks one hour before it opened to the public. That alone has already convinced me to stay at the Disneyland hotels in the future, because we rode California Screamin (twice), Toy Story Mania (twice), the Carousel, and one of the Cars rides! There were no lines and it was amazing! It was even better than the Fast Passes. [Or as my dad called them the entire time... Speed Passes. He's so cute.]

Anyway, the trip was perfect, and I loved going back to our Honeymoon location! We ate at the same Disneyland restaurant that we were obsessed with on our honeymoon, and I got the same delicious chocolate cake twice! I ate at least 5 churros [I'm obsessed, okay?] and it was so fun to be there with my family, and watch H interact with all of my nieces and nephews. He was literally carrying one of the two youngest girls around the entire time. They loved him!! And so do I. I had a super cute floral backpack that H carried around for most of the trip. It was adorable. I sure love that man. He does so much for me! :)

[My favorite picture of this trip!! H is so dang cute, and he's going to be the cutest daddy! I can't wait!!]

[YOLO. Our motto this trip. Only as a joke, of course. I hate when people say this! haha]

My favorite memories from this trip:

  • My two youngest nieces were obsessed with H, and every ride that we would go on, they would always shout, "I want to be Heath's partner!" It was very endearing, even though they were stealing my partner!
  • Hunter, Alissa, H and I decided to ride Splash Mountain one night right before the park was closing. It was pretty chilly outside, so there was no line for it. The first time we rode it, I was sitting in the front, with H right behind me, and we got so wet! I was completely soaked from head to toe, and H got it pretty bad too! Right after we got off, we ran back around to ride it again [still no line], but we made Hunter and Alissa sit in front. But for some reason they didn't hardly get wet! Maybe it had something to do with the weight distribution and my 200+ pound husband sitting up front! And then as if walking around soaking wet in the freezing cold wasn't enough, Alissa decided that she needed ice cream right then, so we stopped at an ice cream place [with a loooooong line] so she could get her ice cream. ;) 

  • And lets not forget about the time that we went to lunch at the Golden Horseshoe in Disneyland where they do silly, crowd interactive shows every hour. My cute dad is in love with these shows and convinced us to go there for lunch one day. And much to his excitement, they called him and my brother up on stage to be part of the show! It was pretty fun! [For some reason my computer isn't letting me upload the video, so check out my Facebook for a few minutes of entertainment!] 

Anyway, I love Disneyland so, so much! There is a reason why they call it the Happiest Place on Earth! I can't wait to go back again. Hopefully it's soon, if H will let us. ;) 

Do any of you have any fun plans for Spring Break??

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  1. Adorable! The nieces and nephew really did hang all over you guys. Good practice for the future, as if you needed more practice. :) Glad you came!

  2. Even though I am extremely bitter towards everyone that got a spring break I will admit that you guys look super cute and that Heath does look rather adorable in that one picture you said you really loved of him.


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