Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day...

I have always had mixed feelings about this holiday. I've never really had a Valentine before-- [unless you count my senior year when that boy I had never met before came to my school with a box of chocolates and a rose. which was AWKWARD.]--and I hated those girls that would walk around school with their balloons and flowers, all happy and giddy like they were rubbing it in that they were loved and I had no one. So I'd always be like, "Oh, who needs a guy when you've got your girlfriends?" But even though I used to think this holiday is stupid, secretly I wished I had someone to spoil me.

And then there was last year... When H and I were on-again-off-again dating. And I had gotten us season passes to Six Flags. But then the day before V-Day he broke up with me...and then tried to return the passes to me. [So many awkward Valentine's Day experiences.]

So yeah, this year was my first with a real Valentine. And I was excited. Thinking about the dozens of roses that H would shower me with throughout the day... Or the chocolates and the teddy bear that was bigger than I was. Oh, and maybe even some diamonds! Hahaha, okay. Let's just state the obvious: sometimes I have some pretty unrealistic expectations.

And then I started thinking about what I would do for H. As I'm sure you can imagine, all of these cute little crafts and projects that I had seen on Pinterest started rushing through my head. And I started working on a few different projects.

But then I started to think about who I was married to. And for any of you who know H, you are probably laughing and shaking your heads right about now. Because here's the thing... H isn't really into this stuff. I mean, not that he won't love it, but I just don't think he really appreciates this type of thing as much as I would, you know? He's the kind of guy that's like, "Oh I love this, it's so cute....... What am I supposed to do with it?" [And then there's me and my box full of anything and everything that reminds me of/has to do with mine and Heath's relationship.] But maybe that's just the difference between men and women? And if you only knew how many cute, lovey dovey scrapbooks and cards I have made for H since we've been together....

So anyway, I still gave him one of the cute homemade projects, but I also got him something that would be a bit more useful: a new phone that he has been wanting--the Google Nexus 4. [But of course, it didn't even get here in time.] Wife fail #237.

V-Day morning, H woke me up with heart shaped waffles. Literally, he cut the waffles into hearts. It was the cutest thing. And then he surprised me with the ring that I have been drooling over for the past month or so... it's a ring that says his name on it. And if you know me at all, you know that this is the most perfect gift. [I'm kind of obsessed with my husband.]

 [Ring was purchased here.]

When I got home from work that night, H greeted me with beautiful white roses, and then he took me out to my favorite restaurant: YC's Mongolian Grill. [If you haven't been there before, you need to go! It's seriously amazing.]

[Please ignore the Disney Christmas calendar that we still have up. And the bad quality phone pics.]

[Oh and for those of you who don't already know--I cut my hair! H loves it, and says it makes me look more like a wife. Score!]

After dinner, we contemplated going out and seeing Safe Haven, but we decided to just stay in for the night. So yeah, I'm not gonna lie: V-Day is pretty awesome. And it's even better when you're married.

I love my husband. I am so glad that I was a stalker persistent and never gave up on him. I am the luckiest girl to call him mine. I love that he is so sweet and considerate. I love that he dances with me in the kitchen, even though he doesn't like to dance. I love that he offers to make me dinner all the time, even though we both know he can only make top ramen. I love that he always opens the car door for me. I love that we can talk and laugh about everything. I love that he calls me baby poo [no judgement!] I love being able to cuddle him all night. I just love being in love. It makes everything so much better; even a silly holiday like Valentine's Day.

Happy love day, world!

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  1. Baby Poo hahaha love it! Sweet post! :) I love Valentine's Day- it's not a Hallmark or made up Holiday as a lot of people erroneously claim- it's been around for centuries. I love Steven and I tell him that every day but I love having a reason to do a big romantic gesture (an annual scavenger hunt in my case) for him that, sure, I could do not on V Day but would I? And I love getting roses, and a Valentine, getting a little spoiled and being a little extra romantic! ;) You will have many more happy Valentine's Days to look forward to!

  2. haha you're killin me. your hair looks so cute! seriously i hate when people cut their long locks becuase I loveeee long hair but it looks adorable short!


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