Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Good Stuff

This post is completely dedicated to the good stuff. You know what I mean. Those things that just make you realize how good you have it, how lucky you are, how great this world can be, etc. And I apologize in advance that the majority of these are about H. But hey, he just makes my life more wonderful, every single day.

  • Like how H has this crazy obsession for frozen pizzas. I swear, almost every night he asks if he can just have pizza for dinner. So I put two pizzas in the oven for us, and when it came time for me to get them out, somehow I dropped my pizza and it fell through the oven rack. All of the cheese peeled off and it landed upside down. My pizza was ruined. And yes, I may have started crying. [Seriously guys, I'm a cry baby. But hey, in my defense, mother nature had just paid me a little visit. It was just one of those days.] Anyway, H rushed to the rescue, and comforted me by telling me that he would eat the gross one, and he gave me the good one. COME ON. Can this guy get any more perfect? 

  • Or how about the time that H and I were babysitting a few kids for a weekend. And one of the days we took them to the park. And cute, overprotective H wouldn't leave the kids alone. Seriously. He was afraid that they were going to get hurt, so instead of sitting on the bench with me, he got up onto the playground and watched them from up there the entire time, always there to help them up if they fell down, or to help them down the slide. I won't lie, it was very endearing. I can't wait until we have kids. I know that he is going to be the best daddy ever. [And yes, I am still baby hungry. Before I met H, I used to judge people for having babies so soon after getting married, and now I'm the one, 3 months after marriage, begging my husband to have a baby right away. I can't help it. They're just so cute!]

  • And on a side note, can we just talk about how amazing little kids are? When we were at the park with my nieces and nephew, and with the kids that we were babysitting, I was surprised and amazed at how easily they made friends. They don't care about what others look like or what they are wearing. They don't care if they talk different or act different. They just automatically become friends. They love so easily. When we were leaving the park, my 7 year old niece was so sad, saying, "but I want to stay and play with my best friend!" That is something that I admire so much. I am a very friendly person, but I will admit that I can be very judgmental. I love the quality that all children seem to possess--to love, and not judge. Not to get all churchy on everyone, but a scripture from the Book of Mormon comes to mind: Mosiah 3:19 "...and becometh as a child, submissive, meek, humble, patient, full of love, willing to submit to all things which the Lord seeth fit to inflict upon him, even as child doth submit to his father."
  • [To add to the list of cute H stories...] The other night, H and I were getting ready for bed, and like usual we started acting all goofy. But this night in particular, H started talking in a weird accent and being super silly. And for those of you that may know him, you know that this is kind of a rare occurrence. He is usually reserved and more on the quiet side until you really get to know him. And laughing, I said, "I love this. You're not even like this with your brother or your friends!" And without a pause, he says, "I'm only like this with my best friend." Okay seriously?? He's the cutest. [And yes, I did in fact start tearing up. As usual. I think we've already established the fact that I'm a baby. But I am especially emotional when he says cute things like that to me.] I'm a lucky girl.
  • Or what about the fact that this came in the mail last week??!! I AM FREAKING OUT. I know that H and I just went there 3 months ago for our honeymoon, but really, can you ever go to Disneyland too much? And plus, this time we are staying in the Disneyland Hotel! It is truly my favorite [and the happiest] place on earth. And we are leaving in 17 days! So excited! And to make this trip even better, our newlywed best friends, Hunter and Alissa are coming with. This trip is seriously going to be amazing!
  • And last but not least, this cute video. Abigail [my niece] is in the kissing stage and has been kissing me all day. Even better, she had a chocolate cake covered face while she was trying to kiss me. [Please disregard my greasy hair and lack of makeup!] And even cuter, is how much she giggles when I play it back to her. Sorry for the bad quality!

So anyway. These are just some of the memorable moments in my life lately. I think in life there are a lot of things that bring us down or that give us negative thoughts, about ourselves, others, or the world around us. But I do think it's important to try to focus on the positive. To be grateful for the things that you have, and not wish for things you don't have. To always show gratitude where gratitude is due. That is another quality that I am striving for, and one that I have been trying to enforce in the kids that I nanny. That you don't always need more. That it's okay to just have what you need, and not necessarily what you want. To just say thank you. As a newlywed, I believe this is a very important quality to have; one that can make you or break you, and admittedly one that I struggle with. Sometimes I just want to go shopping, or I want to buy things that we don't necessarily need at the grocery store. And even to just be grateful when my husband does something to show his love for me, even if it isn't exactly what I would have hoped for. But H constantly has to remind me to focus only on our needs, and to not be selfish or ungrateful. That boy sure knows what he's talking about! I'm a lucky girl to have him for eternity!

What are some of your memorable moments lately?

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  1. I love this post, Victoria! I have been enjoying staying updated with your newly wed life. I'm so happy for you!!

  2. I'm glad Heath takes such good care of you. :)

    Also, that video is adorable. I miss "little" Abby....


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