Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year

So remember that one time that I said I was going to blog more? And then went a whole month without another blog post? Well yeah, that was kind of awkward. But don't you worry... I'm sure I'll have a lot more time to blog in the near future.
Everything has been crazy the past month, and it seemed as if Christmas and New Years came and went in a flash. But it sure was great! I loved getting married in November, because I got to spend the holidays married to Heath. And he sure just makes everything better. :)

Anyway, here are a few A LOT of pictures from this past month.

When I attempted to do an outfit post. H took the pictures, but it was kind of an awkward experience, we didn't have that good of a background, and I never ended up posting them. [Until now.] Maybe one day.

Classy Christmas Eve at my parent's house. 
[Please excuse all of the metal chairs. I don't think we've ever had enough chairs to accommodate our huge family.]

When the cutest girl runs around in her diaper and boots!

And of course, it wouldn't be Christmas without the kids reenacting the Nativity. I sure love these cute sheep, angels, and wise men! :)

Just taking pictures with H.

So happy that Richie was down for Christmas! 

When this:
Turns into this:

When all of my nieces want to sit on Heath's lap because "he is so handsome." 
[Oh yeah he is! And trust me, I like sitting on his lap too!] 

We spent the night at my parent's house, and had Christmas Morning with my family.

Christmas Afternoon with the Farnsworths!

 Finally got a picture with the 4 of us! [Heath's twin brother Grant, and his wife Danielle.]
And PS: No judgement on mine and H's matching shirts. Before we went to his Grandparent's house, we were given the family shirt and told to wear it. [Apparently no one else got the memo... Awkward.]

G & D. Love this picture. They should definitely have a baby soon keep waiting. Come on, a year is long enough, right? Not that I'm pressuring them or anything; I just think they would have one gorgeous baby! Am I right or am I right?

And of course, New Year's Eve at H's Grandparent's house.
Fun fact: Last New Years, H and I were still off an on. [Off at that particular moment.] But I had seen pictures of this tradition on Facebook [yes, I am was a hard core stalker] and was pretty jealous. So it was fun to be a part of it this year!

New Year's Resolutions, anyone?
H and I have a lot of them this year. A few of them are:
1. Write in our journals every night. [See picture below.]
2. Scriptures and prayer every night.
3. Go to the temple at least once a month.
[You know... the usual.]

I have always loved to write in my journal, but a lot of the time, I would find my hand getting tired from writing so much. And then I would never have enough time, because I always wanted to write down every single detail. Needless to say, that never worked out for me, and I would eventually give up on it.
When I saw these at Barnes and Noble the other day, I just had to get them. And since I had been bugging H to write in a journal ever since we started dating, I decided that he needed one as well. 
You just write one line a day [about what happened, or about whatever you want!] I figured that even H could do that! And it would be fun to look back at what each of us wrote on the same day!
And I don't mean to brag or anything, but we have both been very faithful so far! [It's only day 5. Whatever. Be impressed.]

And one of my own personal goals this year is to be the best wife that I can be. To actively try to think of his wants and needs, and to put them first. To always show my appreciation for all of the things he does for me, no matter how big or small it may be. [I know I've only been a wife for 6 weeks, but I already know that there are a million things that I could be doing better.]

Another Barnes and Noble find. I'm only on the first chapter, but I already love it and have learned a few things. This book is written by a Christian woman who makes you ask yourself the scary questions [like what  it's like being married to you, or how you would feel if you said/did the things you say/do to your husband.] Like I said, I'm only on the first chapter, but it sure does make you think. Obviously I'm never going to be the perfect wife, but if there are things that I could be doing to make H happier, then gosh danget, I'm going to do them! 

Anyway, happy New Year to all of you! Hope your holidays were filled with love and happiness!

xoxo, Victoria


  1. Awesome, Child. I mean, Awesome Child. :-)

  2. OK, so much to comment on! I want to borrow the book, wth is going on with the Lawlor child being held by Kassidy (?),in the nativity, ummmm mom what are you doing to Jake's suit, and you are gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Not just you beautiful clothes and smile, but the joy in your eyes.


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